Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Season of "DEA" Starts Feb. 10th

It is disturbing that the only federal agency whose activities can maintain a TV show is the DEAs. The exercise in futility that makes up the daily life of a DEA agent should make viewers sad. Only the most discerning of viewers will ever see this fact through the fog of raids, seizures and agent testimonials about the difference they are making. This quote from DEA Chief of Congressional and Public Affairs, Mary Irene Cooper sums it up very well:

"If you liked the first season of 'DEA,' you'll love the second. Season II delivers more episodes, more action, more dope and more money than viewers have ever seen before. You'll have a front row seat to DEA's hard-charging, relentless special agents risking their lives for the mission. They'll captivate you with their gritty determination and leave you wanting more."

Only the DEA would use its continuing failure as a selling point for a TV show. The mission of any law enforcement agency should be a reduction in the problem they are fighting. The nature of crime often makes this goal unattainable. When you take any business and make it a crime, the goal of stopping that crime will never be achieved. What the DEA calls "gritty determination" is truly pathological. Delusions of grandeur, are necessary to be part of DEA.


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