Thursday, May 8, 2008

Drug Bust At San Diego State

The reports on this bust have been suspect at best. In one segment, CNN Reported that the undercover investigation lasted one year. In a later segment they said five months. Maybe this was a correction, but it was not presented that way. The Associated Press reported the investigation lasted 12 months. During the press conference about this operation, University President Stephen Weber said that these suspects preyed on their fellow students and have destroyed countless lives. I wonder who he thinks the predators are when a binge drinking incident results in death or serious injury. The local SSDP there hung a banner which read, "77 students are gone but drug abuse isn't". This sums it up in a nut shell. No matter how many arrests are made or drugs collected, the human want to alter their perception will always exist. As we do in drunk driving cases we must hold users accountable for their behavior that places others at imminent risk.


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