Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another coffin nail for personal responsibility?

The AP has reported on news chopper coverage of high speed chase that ended in tragedy yesterday. Two choppers from KTVK and KNXV in Phoenix were covering and collided. There were no survivors. The primary incident came to an end after the suspect barricaded himself in a house and SWAT was called in. He has been charged with six counts including four for aggravated assault of a police officer. He also carjacked someone on the highway. There is no question that this man should be in prison for a long time. The problem is, Phoenix Police Chief, Jack Harris suggested that the suspect could be held responsible for the four deaths that resulted from the helicopter crash. Obviously, this will not be a decision he makes. But, a police chief showing such a distorted understanding of criminal responsibility is scary. The choppers were there of their own free will. Day by day the concept of personal responsibility loses ground in this country. I can only hope that the prosecutor is more reasonable than the police chief.

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