Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Hypocritical and Paradoxical Way We Deal with Youth and Drugs

While we as a nation are telling youth not to use street drugs, We are prescribing the same dangerous chemicals in "purified" form to millions of children in the name of treating illnesses that can't be proven to exist. Tens of thousands of those children are physically forced to do so. That has to be arguably the most horribly corrupted application of the scientific method. The corrupter is money. This hypocrisy applies mutually to adults diagnosed with psychological conditions, but more forcefully to children because the chemicals alter brain development.

I think the pharmaceutical industry treats some physical conditions in good faith. I do not believe any of that good faith exists in association with mental health conditions. The treatment of virtually all these conditions relies on the flawed and unprovable pseudo-theory of a chemical imbalance. Imagine someone approached you and claimed that you committed a criminal act against their family. They are holding a weapon and saying they are going use it. They say that they are going to do so because they believe you did it although they have no proof. This is what the industry is doing in treating mental health conditions. Using a dangerous weapon to hit an object they cannot prove is there.

Today, whether it is right or wrong society believes that children as young as 13 are capable of making negative adult decisions. That makes it so sickening that they are not allowed to decide not to ingest a dangerous chemical.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I am certainly opposed to the over-diagnosis of adolescent mental/learning disabilities and pharmaceutical marketing in schools; I must take issue with your posts.

Specifically, they are bullshit.

There is nothing that suggests you are an "analytical genius" but rather, another in-eloquent Bay-Area charlatan who needs to come down from their high horse.

So I recommend discontinuing your blog until you have decidedly something to say, with a real logical framework, and not some after-hours rant.

Your friend, The Internet

July 25, 2010 at 5:46 AM  

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